What clients are saying

"I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for so many years I've lost count. But working with Tina over the last year has kicked my life into fast forward. She's helped me remember what I'm passionate about—traveling and writing—and I've since taken steps toward making my dreams a reality. Now I have a daily writing practice, have taken my first solo road trip, and am leaving for Costa Rica next month!  

Tina is a truly gifted mentor and coach, and uses her own intuitive abilities to direct our sessions toward maximum results. (Sometimes it feels like magic.) She always listens without judgment, and I feel safe to share myself with her, warts and all. She has helped me connect more deeply with my own intuition and gifts, and with her guidance I've learned how to use EFT to identify and release limiting beliefs. 

With Tina I truly believe that anything is possible in my life, and with her help I am learning how to create my version of an authentic and joyful life!"

Stephanie Vessely, Colorado - Writer and Editor  www.stephanievessely.com

"Tina gave me inspiration, tools, ideas, and together we developed strategies that got me off and running after our very first meeting. Within days, I was implementing our ideas on how to structure my day, as well as how to make goals and plans for the future of my three businesses. Within weeks, my productivity skyrocketed, my businesses grew and my confidence soared, seeing the progress I made. Within months, my new perspective and actions improved my life tenfold! I needed that push, an outside viewer, who showed me the tools that would help me move forward in my life. Tina was the key. She unlocked a world to me that was there all along… I just needed the key!" 

SD, Colorado - Entrepreneur/Owner of several  Etsy and Ebay Vintage shops

"Tina is nothing less than extraordinary. Goals are obtainable—now! You want to change direction? No problem. Every session there is an "a-ha" moment and a surge of energy to propel you forward to living your best, most authentic life. And if that's not enough, Tina follows up and checks in to keep you moving full speed ahead!"

RO, Colorado - Graphic Designer/Artist/Yoga Instructor

"Through Tina's coaching, I was able to formulate a vision for a new business, research its viability, set a timeline and take the steps to make it a reality! During our coaching sessions Tina asked questions that helped me see how I limited my own growth and helped me find ways to change those patterns. Since beginning my business, I’ve worked successfully on five different projects." 

HT, Colorado - Business Owner, Boxed and Bundled

"As a retiree seeking a job to supplement my fixed income, I was very discouraged to find that not many businesses wanted to hire me at age 72.  As a result of Tina’s coaching and visualizing process, I found the exact job I wanted, that I was sure didn’t exist, in my small town! I would never have thought it possible, and now I see that anything is possible if you have the right attitude and guidance, which I got from Tina. Many, many thanks!"

DM, New Hampshire - Retail