Jar of Good Things

Photo by Matina Designs.  

Photo by Matina Designs.  

So often we forget all the good things that happen to us in our daily lives, because we easily get caught up in the drama of our day-to-day stories.  
"Nothing Good Ever Happens To Me",  "Work is hard", "I'll never find a soulmate" and a list of other self-limiting beliefs/story titles that we keep telling ourselves.  I'm sure you could list a few of your own.

More often than not, these stories are the farthest thing from the truth. We created them at some point in our life, and they can really hold us back from being happy with our lives.

An easy way to expose these stories as the "untruths" that they are, is to write down when something good you never expected to happen ... happens. Grab a scrap piece of paper, anything, scribble it down, and put it in a jar. Or a box. Or an envelope.  Or somewhere to document what is really going on... that good stuff does happen.   

Like when  you hear from a friend you were thinking of that day, or when an email comes in with the exact thing you were needing to see, or when you are driving and asking a question to yourself, and the perfect answer appears on a billboard as you pass it at that exact moment.    You know... all the good things that happen to you. Magical things, reminders that life is is good, whenever you want to notice.  

Because the more you train yourself to look for the good things that "happen" to you...  more of that will show up.  

I love to collect synchronistic, magical, manifested things or events that happen to me, that by most accounts would not be expected or believable. Things that people would think I'm making up, or copied straight out of "The Secret" - the book and movie about manifesting and the Law of Attraction.  Things that happen to all of us, that we write off as a fluke, or coincidence.  

Only you know better. Your inner knowing tells you it's more than a coincidence. You see it right in front of you and document it, and file it away in the jar. One piece of scrap paper at a time.  

My birthday comes right after the new year starts, so that is really my "new year kick-off".  I have a ritual I perform.  I open the jar, sit with a cup of coffee, and read about all the amazing things that I manifested the previous year, one scribbled note at a time.  It cannot be denied.  There it is staring up at me, one magical thing after another, on countless scraps of paper, stuffed in the jar.  I often read these magic scraps during the year, when I lose my footing and want a swift kick in the butt to remind me of what is true, what is important, and to get me back on track to what matters most. Believing in the magic of the life that I am creating.  

What rituals do you have to keep you on your path?  Comment below, I'd love to hear!